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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at the most competitive rates in the UK. Our objective is to provide cost effective, affordable, value for money services to small & medium sized businesses. Due to the complexities of ranking and marketing, most companies charge vast fees for their services, therefore putting it out of the reach of small businesses on a lower budget.

We can now offer the most competitive rates for UK Search Engine Optimization services.

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, means optimising your site for search engines in order to achieve higher rankings than your competitors. SEO is the only real way to promote your business & site to achieve real results. Over 85% of ALL sales on the Internet come from being routed by the major engines and directories.

Our Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) services can provide the extra visibility your site needs to keep ahead of your competitors and get you seen, giving you the edge you need to succeed.

Included with all web design is general optimization and will cover all search engines. However to achieve high rankings on specific search engines, pages may have to be ' tweaked ' for each individual one.

Web page optimisation is an absolute necessity if you have a product to promote or sell, without it your site may be lost in the many thousands of results the engines or directories return on each query.

Moon Web Designers include SEO from the very beginning of your web design & development process. Having your website designed and optimised for the major engines from the start could save you a lot of money in the long run.

We will submit websites manually to the chosen search engines not via third party programs.

No guarantees can be given as to how long a website will retain its rankings as the engines change their ranking algorithms on a regular basis. Additionally new sites and potentially competitor websites are being optimised and submitted every day. If your achieved high rankings are proving beneficial to your business it is advisable to take out one of our ongoing monitoring and optimisation services.

One of the most important aspects of the Internet is to be sure that your target audience can find your site in the engines and directories. We can optimise & design your web site pages to rank well in the most popular engines. After your pages are optimised we will manually submit them to the important engines and directories.

Search Engine Optimisation Stand Alone Plans ( SEO plans )



We do not use doorway pages, redirects, 'cloaking', automated submission programs, or 'link farms'. These techniques are usually considered to be spam and if you get caught your website may be dropped, penalised or banned from the search engines.

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Search Engine Optimisation UK SEO Services Moon Web Design UK South Wales Carmarthenshire

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